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Reputation Management

Reputation and good relationships with stakeholders belong among the key company assets. And as such it is possible and necessary for them to be managed in a professional manner. The shifts from one-way communication towards dialogue, towards the efforts to reach mutual understanding that is of benefit to both parties are the challenges of today.

The analysis of current awareness, perception of and relationships with the key groups influencing company activities is the first step towards creating an environment where communication really contributes to the achievement of the strategic goals of the company.

Output for clients:

  • Stakeholder analysis and assessment of the relationships with them
  • Description and assessment of current communication structure and contents
  • Gap analysis – comparison of individual communication areas with the Best Practice
  • Communication process design ensuring the development of relationships with individual stakeholders
  • Analysis of a current communication situation where Communication Audit has not been carried out
  • Determination of objectives, target groups, basic messages and strategies
  • Activity Plan (year-long) and budget
  • Evaluation procedure of communication activity results and success criteria reputation Copy
  • External Communication Strategy Development

The good reputation of a company is impossible to create in a day and only comes through steadfast and systematic communication with all target groups. If communication is to contribute to the attainment of the company’s goals, it has to be based on a clearly defined strategy. Communication objectives and strategy must be based on thorough knowledge of the current situation as well as the stakeholder and target groups analysis. These are the prerequisites of any successful design for the most effective activities mix and the subsequent assessment of their results

Output for clients:

  • Database of relevant journalists
  • Press Kits and other material for journalists
  • Topics for particular groups of media
  • Establishing relationships with key journalists
  • Publicity in key media
  • Expert stature build-up
  • Maintaining awareness of journalists and target groups on a regular basis
  • Budget