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Media Trainings

Media Training is a key to the successful presentation of your company in the media. Every top executive, high-profile politician or Public Relations professional will find that public presentation skills are invaluable. And they are often the cornerstone of the success of the whole Public Relations activities of the company.

Talent obviously does play a part, but professional media training can improve the quality of public presentation when in contact with the press, during an interview for TV or radio, or at public speaking assignments. Media training is now essential for any top executive. In its basic version, the training comprises a block of theory, in which the basic principles for speaking to the press are explained, together with the universal PR rules, and advice and tips are given; the theory is followed by a practical session, in which exercises and mock interviews on camera simulate all basic situations which can be encountered when dealing with the press.

The training is given in the AMICOM media training room or in real television studios.