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Reputation Management

Reputation and good relationships with stakeholders belong among the key company assets. And as such it is possible and necessary for them to be managed in a professional manner. The shifts from one-way communication towards dialogue, towards the efforts to reach mutual understanding that is of benefit […]

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Media Relations

Even in the era of internet and social networking, Media Relations remain a key pillar of Public Relations. Only the media will help you reach many people at a time, stimulate discussion on a subject, or inspire dialogue. But when communication with the media goes wrong, the […]

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Public Affairs

PUBLIC AFFAIRS Positive lobbying of the final legislation, so that it does not stand against client's interests, or that it is contributing to client's interests and business objectives; GOVERNMENT RELATIONS Defend of client's interests vis-á-vis the government and local governments, facilitation of communication and fostering good relations […]

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Strategic Consultancy

Just as there are methods of managing financial assets or human resources, there are also professional methods for promoting and protecting the reputation of a company or a brand. Today, a good name is among the most valuable assets of a company. It wins customer and consumer […]

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Media Trainings

Media Training is a key to the successful presentation of your company in the media. Every top executive, high-profile politician or Public Relations professional will find that public presentation skills are invaluable. And they are often the cornerstone of the success of the whole Public Relations activities […]

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