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We're passionate about helping businesses improve their reputation and therefore generate more business

"Creativity often consists of merely turning up what is already there."
-Bernice Fitz-Gibbon

Reputation Management

At a time of crisis, when the good name of your company and its relationships with key target groups are at risk, assistance from experienced Public Relations professionals and the tools of Crisis Communication can be the factor which will turn an impending disaster into a success or a failure. Read more

Public Affairs

Our consultancy services in the field of Public Affairs can help you elevate your company's name in the eyes of politicians, explain some of your actions and steps, or put forward your arguments in favor of a change in legislation that has been limiting your business. Read more

Media Relations

Even in the era of internet and social networking, Media Relations remain a key pillar of Public Relations. Only the media will help you reach many people at a time, stimulate discussion on a subject, or inspire dialogue... Read more

Strategic Consultancy

With a clearly defined strategy, followed by targeted and systematic communication with all target groups, we will help you achieve customer and consumer loyalty, staff motivation and protection in times of crisis... Read more

Cicero: If the truth were self evident, eloquence would be unnecessary Learn more...

Why choose us?

  • Each project is unique for our team
  • Over 170 projects show that we are interested in our clients' success
  • Successful local projects thanks to over 25 co-workers in the country
  • Both combat-ready and creative team
  • Regardless of who's in charge, we'll drive you to success

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  • Why AMICOM
    Businesses expect PR agencies first and foremost to have a professional team More than a half of all businesses outsource their communication and public relations needs. The most important attributes for the selection of...
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  • Agency introduction
    AMICOM is truly unique among PR agencies in Romania in terms of the strength and quality of its team. Today, AMICOM employs over 15 consultants in its Bucharest head office, of whom...
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